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By ihenry March 22, 2014 1 Comment

In the recently released book about the post- Steve Jobs Apple ‘s Yukari Iwatani Kane , a few interesting details in the company’s internal technology as well as for Tim Cook has been revealed through interviews with Apple employee . During the period of the transfer of power to the people after him, Steve Jobs has had a moment ‘s doubt about the talent Tim Cook . But Cook was eventually selected for the CEO position of the company , until now . The novel also helps us to know interesting things about this CEO .


10 interesting things you may not know about Tim Cook

Tim Cook to replace Steve Jobs as Apple CEO in 2011 after co- founders of the technology company ‘s health problems . Gene Munster , an Apple analyst told the Wall Street Journal CEO at the time of transfer that in the eyes of investors, Tim Cook even more important and necessary for the future of Apple than Jobs. ” At that point , losing Tim Cook is the bigger issue for investors than Steve Jobs back into the scenes .” This shows that Tim Cook is a very important and investor confidence in the CEO position but do not think that one person : Steve Jobs .


Yukari Iwatani Kane says in his book Haunted Empire : Apple After Steve Jobs when Jobs learned that he had hit the roof . ” Cook has done his job very well , but leadership skills and his skills have not been proven ,” write the book . Even some Apple employee also told the author that Jobs was furious and shouted: ” I was the CEO .” In response, Cook embarrassed and did not ” retreat into the shadows ” until he came to power shortly thereafter .


Steve Jobs described the story as a successful prodigy Apple wants his absence . Meanwhile , Cook is a good leader has the ability to steer the boat but Apple is not likely to overcome the shadow of Jobs too large as some people want. ” If Jobs is a star , the Cook is a talented director ,” Kane wrote in the book .

Wall Street does not appreciate Cook at the moment because since he came to power , the company’s stock has dropped more . Users and investors are still waiting to see whether Apple can continue to innovate and offer more innovative products or not , it depends heavily on the ability of the top leaders like Tim Cook . He or media described in a few words like ” calm ” , ” meticulous ” or ” machine should not break .”


10 interesting things you may not know about Tim Cook

  1. The work of Tim Cook ‘s first delivery when young. He worked for the Press – Register publisher Alabama at home . He also works part-time at a pharmacy with her mother .
  2. Early experiences in the conduct of Cook ‘s company when he was still in school at Auburn University . He worked with the president of Reynolds Aluminum in the position of supervising the operation of the company.
  3. Cook wanted to become engineers . He studied industrial engineering at the university , a teacher described as a B- plus student or class A.
  4. He has ambition to become senior leaders from the early days of the company.
  5. Cook for your self with the emperor Xiongnu Empire Attila ( Attila the Hun ) .
  6. For a long time , Tim Cook was invited to some big company like Dell or CEO of Motorola .
  7. Tim Cook manners , talk to staff similar to Steve Jobs . He is not the person of the small talk . He challenged staff with the same questions , repeated or long silence to hear only one answer can satisfy her . He once told a planner : ” These figures make me want to jump out his window out there .”
  8. Cook called his mother every week even when he had to work in different countries . ( His father did not know how to use computers ) .
  9. He saves lives in leadership positions and in private life . He lived in rented rooms for years without air conditioning , buy lingerie in stores when price cuts every half a year . With your leadership , Mr. pennies a bargain in order to increase profits .
  10. He avoids personal relationships with staff training and bodybuilding often . However, the position of CEO , Cook often lunch with a staff that random , what Steve Jobs rarely do .


Finally , Tim Cook is not afraid of failure , factors that may lead to his success . ” If you fear something, you will not attempt to try something new or different.” He said so when he was a newspaper interview . Tim Cook did not have close friends and rarely talks about his private life .


10 interesting things you may not know about Tim Cook


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