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By ihenry March 25, 2014 1 Comment

Security company Trend Micro offer 10 tips can help users protect themselves from the dangers of the Internet in 2014.


10 tips for safe surfing in 2014


- Property and regularly updated security software upgrades for computers and mobile devices in addition to anti-virus software .

- If you used a debit card in a shop last month , change your PIN immediately , even with a credit card , please keep track of monthly bills to avoid any charges of fraud .

- Check regularly and adjust privacy settings on Facebook , and limiting the number of friends can see your posts . Also , understand that everything you share on Facebook are not private larieng .

- Change passwords on all your accounts registered website and make sure rangmoi a new password at least 10 characters , including alphanumeric and special characters .

- Always protect , guard , and learn the potential risks from the internet .

- Beware email scams , be careful with the messages appear in the inbox because it may want to review your information capthong .

- Think before you hit ” Send” or ” Post” , etc. Sharing too much can haunt a person , sometimes many years later . It’s time to pause and think about what you would share and see if it does not harm you .

- When shopping online, you should not use other forms of payment are not safe . Bank transfer form is not recommended for purchase online because you will not have a way to get back the money they have been transferred .

- Lock your mobile PIN or security code , and set the time khoaman image to your mobile you can lock khongsu safe to use .

- If you have children , do not be afraid to limit access and monitor Internet activities of your kids online . Be sure to use control features for parents trongphan security software . Currently, Trend Micro Titanium ™ Security equipped with this feature , can help parents control of their children’s web surfing better .


10 tips for safe surfing in 2014


  1. Thanks for share ! useful for everyone. :)

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