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By ihenry March 13, 2014 1 Comment

Sometime, us are working on computers that have phone messages , then we have to take your eyes off your PC , then picked up the phone to view the content . This process takes quite a long time , there was not ” high tech ” tiny at all . Today I would like to share with you a few apps to help see and reply SMS on Android phones right from your PC . So we just need to work on a single screen only, very amazing .


1 . AirDroid - See and reply messages on Android phone from PC


This software is very powerful , it has allowed us to see just reply to the message immediately in the browser directly . AirDroid interface of the Web will allow us to do many things , such as how many unread messages , navigate through SMS threads are in the machine , each view a conversation , watch avatar your friends and of course SMS reply when necessary . It all can be done and fast data entry from your computer , we do not even have to hold the phone up again .


Additionally , AirDroid support communication messages from the browser on Android phones . You can view SMS notifications , missed calls , chat messages from third-party app , Facebook notifications , and many other types of content . And yet , AirDroid also help you to quickly send files from PC to your phone , view contacts, play music , view photos , install more apps there. These features then you discover more okay .


How to use AirDroid


  • AirDroid for Android Download here
  • Running applications on , register yourself an account ( or ignored also, their details will be explained below)
  • Switch your computer , browser used and accessed by the address shown on the application screen . In the illustration , the address of your machine is
  • Wait a second , the two devices will be connected to each other , noting that both PC and Android smartphone is to access the same Wi- Fi network
  • Then you can spend your browser to view the message and then


And if you want to connect your phone to your computer while other spending Wi- Fi network


  • Do the same as above , remember to register yourself an account AirDroid offline
  • Steps to use the computer , do not enter the internal address , instead using the link http://web.airdroid.com/
  • On your computer , log in with the same account with the account you have registered with AirDroid just now
  • Wait for a moment the two machines are connected to each other , and we can use already. Note that with this method, the speed display new SMS notification will be a little bit slower

2 . Mighty Text – See and reply messages on Android phone from PC


MightyText have similar behavior AirDroid , however everything is focused on messaging with good experience and the synchronization will be done through our Google account . MightyText strengths is compatible with many different browsers , from Chrome to Firefox to Safari on Mac , because we use the web app to view and send and receive SMS . Also, if you do not prefer to use a browser , you can install applications MightyText directly into the operating system to get the message quickly and more accurately . And since the last sync Google account so you can spend even MightyText PC and smartphone is not connected to the same network , it’s wonderful .


How to set MightyText :


  • Installing apps on Android devices MightyText
  • Run the application up, sign in with your Google Account
  • Put the phone down , turn to the computer and depending on which browser you spend or appropriate serving instructions

With Chrome :


  • Running Chrome up , set aside for the extension MightyText browser
  • Access to web-based applications at https://mightytext.net/appvà start using

With Firefox :


  • Installing add -on that allows HTML message display
  • Particularly for Mac users : you need to install Growl Notifications , the new message is displayed . Download your free copy here Growl .
  • Access to web-based applications at the address and start using https://mightytext.net/app

With Safari :


  • You simply access the web-based applications at the address and start using https://mightytext.net/app
  • Note that MightyText not support display notifications with Safari


With Internet Explorer :


  • In IE , click the Settings icon > select Internet Options
  • Switch to the Security tab , click Trusted Sites icon green , press the button again Sites
  • In the ” Add this website to the zone: ” , type in the address https://textyserver.appspot.com then click ” Add”
  • Continue adding two further address the ” https://mightytext.net ” and ” https://mighty-app.appspot.com “
  • Click Close , OK
  • Access to web-based applications at the address and start using https://mightytext.net/app

In addition, you can also install applications for Windows or Mac MightyText to receive notification messages when closing the browser , but I tried on Mac , then see the message until not , the message is not good , so I still priority spend the first browser . Said to you that is supported MightyText ordered to make calls anymore jog . These additional features located on the left side of the web-based application that MightyText you are spending on the computer .


3 . Pushbullet – See and reply messages on Android phone from PC


The application is pretty good if you need to spend your computer to view all the messages and notifications are ringing call on my Android phone . Pushbullet will follow in Android ‘s notification system and send messages to your PC via a plugin in Firefox or Chrome . Not only that multiple SMS messaging , such as Facebook Messenger , Hangouts , Zalo , WhatsApp … can spend with Pushbullet , very comfortable and not cramped sensation . To spend Pushbullet the smartphone and PC are not necessarily shared access network with each other , and in addition to the notification message from the other Android app also supports ” shot ” to the PC .


How to set Pushbullet as follows :


  • Install Pushbullet for Android
  • After running up the Google account log in
  • Set to Pushbullet plugin for PC ( download copy here for Chrome , Firefox version here)
  • Click the button Pushbullet appear on the browser’s toolbar
  • Choose Sign in and sign the same Google account you are logged on Android app
  • So step setup has finished . Ask someone tries to send a message for you to see results offline
  • Limitation of Pushbullet is that it helps us to see the message ( and the other notification types ) but we can not spend directly on browser plugins to answer . I have a trick ” detour ” to do so . First, rtren phone , you run Pushbullet up , in the Settings app> select the ” Copy to clipboard khi links & notes received ” . This option will automatically copy all the information you send from PC to smartphone available on the clipboard , save a step done for us . Enabling this option makes only a single whiff .


And on your browser, you ‘ll see a button Pushbullet . In the ” Push to ” pick your Android device , go to the ” Note” , enter your message , then you need to answer button ” Push ” . Then you type the entire contents will be shot into the phone and we could just paste it into the box in the reply message is finished ( because you do not need to copy the above options , the app has copy available to us and ) .


Hopefully three applications on this will help you to use your computer . If you have any app offers features similar or better then share offline . Thank you and have fun !


3 apps to help you see and reply messages on Android phone from PC


  1. Thanks for share ! useful for everyone. :)

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