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By ihenry March 25, 2014 1 Comment

Until now , the convenience and security are antithetical to each other . If a security solution process , the use would be very annoying .


In contrast , when using the convenience of the security solution will greatly reduced . With NFC technology convenience and is fully put into application in life , if there are any issues of concern in terms of security , in terms of user perspective ?
NFC signal can be tapped ?


If terms of security , any signal can be tapped . So , even though NFC technology uses short-range , as its name suggests , it does not mean it can escape her vulnerabilities .

What do you think if a chip NFC Reader , which are located next to or near the chip reaches of payment of the purchase money or the car ? With a size too small , and the price is not too high , creating the guise of payment is absolutely simple .

Given the scope of NFC standardization activities range from a few centimeters , the attacker can still use the device to get stronger broadcast signal in range … 1m . With signal format , the information can not receive complete and accurate as when the device touched NFC reader , but enough to get some burglars important information .

Cause for RF signal transmission process can wireless data capture using antenna . But unlike the NFC card only works in passive mode , NFC Mobile devices support both proactive mode ( active ) and passive ( passive ) . In the proactive mode , NFC devices using RF waves to exchange information and the attacker can conduct wiretapping .
The only real solution to prevent eavesdropping is to use a secure channel . This means that NFC devices using high grade encryption protocols like SSL to create a secure communication channel . In order to do that , there should be :

- The coordination between service providers to support readers and encrypted protocol authentication .

- The use of protective devices and personal data with a pin code , or anti- rus program .

- And finally, application providers and trading support , with other security measures , to prevent spyware and malware from spreading systems .
NFC Data can be modified … ?


An attacker could change a few bits of string data exchange code . However , there are many ways to combat that type of security attack . Because the attacker can not modify all data transmission at speeds 106 baud , the data transmission rate according to the proactive mode .

Thus, in the process of exchange of information between NFC devices , we need to take proactive mode transmission in both directions to eliminate that risk . However, as noted above, the data transmission mode to generate … proactive risk NFC remote eavesdropping .

In addition, NFC Data can easily be destroyed by these devices cause interference , while at present it is still no way to prevent this risk . Anyway attacker is very difficult to rely on interference to edit data . On the other hand , NFC devices can still detect attacks by monitoring the RF signal to send data .


The risk caused by user error ?


Just like any other equipment and technology , the majority of the risk in the NFC security issues belong to the user . Here are the common risks :

Do not install and change the PIN code protection: NFC application PIN is a numeric password that you can set up to protect access to the application or confirm before you pay by touching this .

There is no mandatory requirement to install any of the PIN code to protect NFC applications , but the advice is that you should do so . Since then , every time before deciding to pay with NFC features , you will have to enter a PIN unlock screen , then enter the PIN code to the application , and will not be accidentally lost the money in ways that use . In short, your PIN will help prevent NFC payments but you do not want.

Note that the PIN other NFC applications with a password lock screen . So , you can choose an easy to remember the pin code , especially if you think you will not use it too often . It should avoid the need to use it when you forget your PIN .

Use instant access NFC features : Many people prefer fast payment feature NFC transactions , especially those who must use them regularly . For example , you want to enable NFC transactions conducted even when the phone screen is locked . This creates extreme risks of using NFC features .


Give your child can use the phone features NFC : We tend to give kids play with the phone , and sometimes you ‘ll see the unwanted calls , take messages nonsense … Now when your phone has more features NFC , always remember that your child is playing with a … credit card ! Children can help you spend the money everywhere that you did not expect , and last month sent statements from the bank will let you know about it .

Less dangerous , children may share your personal information with strangers on the other hand , while they are playing with NFC phone , Would you think this is normal ?


Losing your phone : Just like a credit card , NFC card reader will not be able to recognize who is receiving all the touch feature phones to pay . So if your stolen phone features NFC support , thieves can fully use the powerful features and convenience of it . For example , a thief can phone the store accepts payments via NFC and buy everything he needed , and then proceed to blatantly pay for these things at the counter .

If you follow the instructions to install PIN as mentioned above, it will hinder thieves immediately use NFC features , because he had to spend time searching PIN that you have installed .


Get the harmful software from NFC : Surely you’ve ever received warnings about malicious software through web browser , email or instant messaging programs . With mobile devices , security researchers warn you about the risk of harm to receive information via Bluetooth . Now the NFC feature is a new risk of transmission lines . So let’s just get the applications or any information that you know for sure that it’s safe , through this great touch features .


3 worrisome problem when using NFC phones



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