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By ihenry April 6, 2014 1 Comment

Facebook app for Windows Phone is an application developed by Microsoft that we get the full Facebook experience possible . Compared with the People Hub , Facebook applications have the ability to display various types notice more , more familiar interface ( because there are many similarities with the Web and Facebook app on other platforms ) , in addition it also supports browsing the pages or groups you have joined . In the process I have used this app a few tips to share with you , hope it will help you get a better Facebook experience on your phone .


1 . Enable the lock screen support


One of the best features of Facebook for Windows Phone app is that it allows us to pick one of their albums on this social network , then move out wallpaper for the lock screen . You have two different display modes to choose from : a large image occupies the lockscreen , or multiple images occupy only part of the screen .


To enable this feature , you press the Menu button of Facebook app ( three dash symbol in the upper left corner of the screen) > Settings > Screen lock > Choose Album , sampling the lock screen and then press Done button at the bottom the screen . Now you try and open up the shutdown is going to see his image change .


2 . Shake to refresh content


This is a feature I feel like since we had discovered it . You do not need to activate anything, the default Facebook app for Windows Phone has already support this feature . And shake here means not hold the camera down and snatching up jerk head start . Just flick your wrist alone is tiny enough to record motion machine is okay . Once the shaking is done you will see some dots running horizontally across the screen next to the app ‘s refresh that content .

Please also be added, in case this feature does not work , you go to Menu > Settings > Enable shake to refresh > On .


3 . Facebook Messenger Pin to the Start screen


This feature can be described as follows : you or chat with someone , such as a close friend or wife . Typically , you will need to run the app on Facebook , wait a while and then download the application has enabled Messenger . This takes time too . Instead, we can pin available Messenger Start screen of Windows Phone, so every time you need to contact , then you just hit a single touch is already in the chat interface then .


To pin Messenger Start screen , you run the app on Facebook , go to Messenger page , click the icon at the bottom edge nail flexo screen is finished .


4 . Do not forget to slide your finger Features


Facebook app on Windows Phone has two hidden menu , a right to show who you are online , taking a left when you need access to the Messenger , or browse through the photo album of his group . Two menu can be activated by two buttons in the upper right and left of the screen , but there is a faster method : slide your finger .


When you are browsing News Feed or view pictures ( or any content page will do) , you slide your finger from left to right and from right to left to see. Immediately above the menu will be revealed from the edge of the screen for us to interact , too fast and too good , not inferior to Facebook on Android and iOS both . I spend Lumia 1520 , the machine is quite big so use this slide action very often because if you press the button in the traditional way , the very far right with your finger .


Similarly, when you are on the News Feed , or Notification interface during chat Messenger , you can also slide your finger from top to bottom to refresh the page content automatically , no need to press any buttons .


5 . Replace the chat feature in Facebook Messenger app


Facebook Messenger is a messaging client developed by Facebook for Windows Phone . Messaging capabilities of this app 69 times better than Facebook chat app that Microsoft ‘s doing . Therefore, the combination of the two spend their applications so that they complement each other to fulfill their stuff or do on Facebook .


The strengths of the Microsoft Messenger compared with that app is that it runs faster , and notice very stable in time , the refresh rate is extremely good , the keyboard does not disappear after each send . Also, the Messenger interface with bluish tones and more beautiful , more modern , not to mention better support the kind of sticker fast chatter and allows us to turn off the notification of a certain conversation .


You can download Facebook Messenger here .
QR_Messenger .


6 . Turn off Facebook notifications when used with Messenger


As noted above , Messeger very good and you can use it completely replaces the features of the app Facebook chat . However , the problem lies in the Facebook app and Facebook Messenger app will jointly notification when a chat message , it is a mess . You just try to imagine what was chatting with his girlfriend that night a notification to believe it jumped twice in two different app , distract themselves can not chat .


If you also fall into the same situation , then we ‘ve got a solution : turn off chat notifications of Facebook apps go , leaving only the announcement of Facebook Messenger only. To do this , you go to Menu > Settings > Notifications > uncheck Messages go and click the Done button at the bottom edge of the screen.


6 tips for Facebook app on Windows Phone


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