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By ihenry April 4, 2014 1 Comment

With a new security vulnerabilities are discovered on iOS 7 , the thief who can now disable Find My iPhone feature and delete the user’s iCloud account , to ” makeover ” trot lot iPhones stolen .


Disabling Find My iPhone and iCloud account deletion due to new security vulnerabilities on iOS 7


On iOS 7 , the only way to delete an account iCloud or restoring device is disable Find My iPhone feature . And the only way to disable Find My iPhone feature that Apple ID password . Apple has brought new improvements to iOS 7 to prevent iPhone theft can avoid detection from the Find My iPhone app . But it seems it is the holes for the bad guys to skip advantage of this security setting .


When to set up iCloud in the settings menu , you need to press the ” delete account ” ( delete account ) simultaneously with option to disable Find My iPhone . This is the most important step to ” hack ” successful , there must be a combination of simultaneous and ingenious between the two movements . Then , upon receiving a password reminder , you need to press and hold the power button to turn off the phone .


After restarting the iPhone , you can go to the account settings section iCloud account and deleted easily without being asked for the password again . As a result, anyone can plug the iPhone has been deleted the account into iTunes and restore the machine . And once the Find My iPhone is disabled , then Activation Lock feature also useless .


Apple may soon bring out a new fix for this vulnerability . But before that time , the burglar who have a great opportunity to disperse trot lot iPhones have been stealing from her , because the iPhone is not ” sticky iCloud ” will be easier to get people to buy more .



7 iOS security flaw allows deleted iCloud account and disable Lock Activation


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