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By ihenry March 16, 2014 1 Comment

Also waterproof, dustproof, the “anti-hack” is also a new feature is being referred to in these days. At least three companies revealed plans for the smartphone is capable of protecting users from spying eyes.


“Anti-hack” will be “hot” feature on smartphone?

The phone manufacturer , from start-up businesses to the aerospace giants like Boeing , is hoping to succeed by hitting the concern to protect the privacy of consumers worldwide , particularly in the U.S. , before the information related to espionage activities of the former government contractor Edward Snowden ‘s national Security Agency ( NSA ) has revealed , and the increasingly strong efforts of the company want to track your browsing habits and locate the whereabouts of smartphone users .


The phone tends to stimulate more Internet -connected devices and share data . They incorporate many unique features , such as message will disappear and disable tracking web browsing .


By Toby Weir – Jones , executive director of the SGP Technologies , manufacturer of Blackphone , users can install high security features for smartphones , but they are very tech-savvy person , and the this smartphone can also be set to the maximum privacy . SGP is a joint venture between software vendors Silent Circle based in Washington and equipment manufacturers Geeksphone Spain .


Why “Anti-hack” will be “hot” feature on smartphone?

The others are just entering the smartphone game ” against hack smartphones ” are phones FreedomPop FreedomPop Privacy newly established firm , and Boeing Black targeting the government and defense officials .


The phone manufacturer says they are stimulated from the increasing concern for privacy technology . Mr. Weir – Jones said after the revelations of Edward Snowden , number of smartphone users download service coded message of Silent Circle strong , it has convinced them of the desired user privacy protection device if it’s easy to use .


Market research firm Forrester Research said 8% of Internet users have downloaded a service that allows them to see which companies are tracking their browsing habits .


” People began to believe that the average citizen would agree to pay a little money to protect their data ,” Fatemeh Khatibloo , a senior analyst at Forrester said . It has attracted the attention – and funding – of the venture capital fund.


But Khatibloo still not clear that such investments are effective . ” No one can know if the product is not yet to the masses”.

“Anti-hack” will be “hot” feature on cell phone?

Its CEO Stephen Stokols FreedomPop said investors remained skeptical of the company ‘s appeal on the phone , ” anti- hack ” , and said that it will only appeal to a small audience . FreedomPop offers cheap smartphone .

He thought Stokols user demand is shifting . If such equipment is cheap and easy to use , ” we thought we would common ,” he said .

Speaking of investors , Stokols said that “we ‘ll know in the coming months .”

Phone FreedomPop and features Blackphone are coded calls and messages . On Blackphone , messaging and call encryption applications offered through Silent Circle . If the user is making a call or messaging applications , basic information about connection – such as phone number and duration of conversations – will be encoded . Snowden documents revealed that the NSA collected ” a large volume of data ” about such calls and emails .

FreedomPop nguio also allows users to protect identity information anonymously by dah payment via Bitcoin , and get them to change how many phone numbers as you like . Stokols says he would like to protect users . ” We do not store any data ,” says Stokols . ” NSA If asked , we will not do ” .

Meanwhile , he said Weir – Jones of SGP Blackphone gives users ” a measure of privacy and control over what they never had before.”


“Anti-hack” will be “hot” feature on mobile phone?

The price of the phones currently quite expensive – Blackphone cost 629 USD , and it is subsidized rates was used along with 2 year contract . These phones are used browsers and search engines of third parties , does not collect user data and ” advertisers will not know what you are looking for ,” says Stokols .


Users can download the application , but Blackphone allow users more control over data applications can access . For example , on Android platforms , the app can access all the information of the user, or the user does not install the application . But with Blackphone , users can allow an application access to your contacts but no access to your location . FreedomPop send alerts to users to let them know their application can use their data .


However, the manufacturer acknowledged that some applications , such as maps , will operate without access to the user’s location . In addition, the default phone disabling Wi -Fi connection , to prevent the system can track the user’s activities in stores , stadiums , airports . Of course , users can recover Wi – Fi connection if available .


“Anti-hack” will be “hot” feature on smartphone?


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