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By ihenry March 18, 2014 1 Comment

Page 9to5Mac has recently posted pictures of Healthbook applications will be available in Apple iOS integration 8 . Sources say that these images are ” recreated screenshots ” . Ago at the day we only see the icon of the app , and today is the interface of this software . Accordingly , Healthbook owning the same design as the current applications of Apple Passbook with different colored cards , each card will correspond to a certain function as measured heart rate , blood pressure , dehydration level view , nutrition , sports activities , blood sugar , respiratory rate , oxygen saturation in blood , monitor sleep habits and weight . 9to5Mac says users can rearrange the cards according to their liking .


When choosing a particular card , the user will see the information relevant . For example , when viewing the ” Activity ” (active ) , Healthbook will display the number of steps you walk, how much distance and how many calories you ‘ve burned . It also has a chart describing the steps in time , like many health monitoring applications currently available on the App Store . Similarly, when you open the ” Weight ” ( weight ) , we see his weight , development index and body fat or BMI .


Appears details of iOS apps Healthbook 8, tracking health

Meanwhile , cards Nutrition (nutrition ) will allow the user to enter what you ‘ve eaten to maintain a sensible diet . This feature is similar to some third-party apps are available on the market , for example, such as Jawbone .


Emergency Card ( emergency ) will be used to store all the necessary information about the user , such as name , date of birth , medical data , weight , eye color , blood type , name people give blood ( in case the user has a rare blood type ) and contacts . In the event of an emergency , this is a very useful feature for doctors know their patients and how treatment in the right direction . In addition, the Emergency section also allows you to set a contact to call when you need fast .


It is now a question mark Healthbook will retrieve data from anywhere to serve dozens of its features . Currently we can think of four sources : from the iPhone itself ( through motion tracking chip M7 ) , from a third-party devices , from the application on the App Store , and finally the iWatch . M7 can fully meet the recognition steps , distance, calories burned calculated . But there are features such as measuring blood pressure , blood sugar , oxygen saturation … then obviously must be provided from another source then . Also do not rule out the possibility Healthbook will serve as a ” center ” to help app and third-party devices to store data .


Apple is reportedly currently testing several different versions Healthbook internally and will launch it in iOS 8 is expected to appear around the middle of this year . However, 9to5Mac says that this application could still be postponed or even launch is canceled entirely if Apple realized its potential in everyday life not high .


Appears details of iOS apps Healthbook 8, many features tracking health


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