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By ihenry March 24, 2014 1 Comment

According to Billboard music charts , Apple is about to release a version of iTunes for the Android operating system . This suggests that Apple are looking to earn extra profits from the music business in the Android platform – iOS rivals .


Currently, iTunes is one of the popular applications and almost exclusively on Apple devices , including the Mac , iPod , iPhone and iPad . However in 2011 , Apple had to release a version of iTunes for Windows operating systems to support sales of the iPod – the product line that started falling into recession . And when the music business on mobile devices is a potential , Apple was planning to launch iTunes for Android to make more profit .


Apple about to bring iTunes to Android OS


Reportedly , the Android version for the upcoming iTunes will also integrate the service is free iTunes Radio , helps users create own music channels based on the choice of songs , artists or genres .


Apple about to bring iTunes on Android, iTunes Radio Integration


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