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By ihenry March 25, 2014 1 Comment

According to information from GSMArena , BlackBerry has revealed a series of screenshots OS version 10.3 . This version has a few upgrades and significant change , hope this technology will help the company to attract loyal consumers before.


Coming out of the picture and features BlackBerry 10.3


Picture above shows part of the ball after the symbol has been removed , this minimalist style interface type flat in vogue recently . Besides, the virtual keyboard has been rearranged layout and color changes . OS Version additional features intelligent search , comprehensive search support like Android’s Google Search .


The camera app is changing the alignment of time , more panorama mode , HDR , support for 720p video recording frame rate 30 fps and 60 fps . Camera interface becomes more reasonable accented with red camera button on the touch screen .


BlackBerry has 10.3 more interesting feature is disabled touchscreen phone away in his pocket , pants pocket . This avoids other items that may impact the operation is not as desired on screen .


And the last thing , BlackBerry 10.3 will also own a new voice assistant . Even so , no one knows who the virtual assistant can support what the consumer .


BlackBerry 10.3: new interface and new features


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