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By ihenry March 21, 2014 1 Comment

The camera of the handset Gionee E7 are many experiences and good evaluation. Before you post actual experience, I try to compare the two units are in hand to see how real damage. First, check the camera in low light conditions, the light source is not enough to find a better way of imaging capabilities of this camera. We will try 3 smartphones: Nokia Lumia 1020 GioneeE7, iPhone 5s. There were presentations and evaluate cameras and photographs of the machine and then three. We will compare the original image of the actual 3 units in some lighting situations.


Compare camera Lumia 1020 – iPhone 5s and Gionee E7


  • The computer compares the Nokia Lumia 1020 – iPhone 5s – Gionee E7 
  • Light Conditions: street scene – Landscape lights night
  • Shooting Modes: Auto
  • Machine fixed, the same scene, click at the same time.

Try the lighting conditions at night.
1st Test: AF metering in dark areas.

  • Lumia 1020 holds good contrast of light and dark, not light up dark areas, remain close to reality, while shadow detail.
  • iPhone 5s grain-free, detailed images declining most areas of the image.
  • Gionee E7 keep details in dark areas than average, pretty details in the morning. The point of interest is the fine grain noise reduction E7.


2nd Test: Focus on the light metering.

  • Lumia 1020 has shown a good ability to shoot in low light, while dark areas detailed, grain-free airspace there.
  • iP5s much grain noise, shadows retain detail lines.
  • Gionee E7 reduce overall brightness frame, so I do not see the details, very good noise reduction.


Try in daylight situations.

With daylight conditions, good lighting, iP5s somewhat dominant image details in both the light and the difference is especially true colors. Lumia1020 somewhat yellowish color and Gionee E7 for many blue frame. Detailed pictures in good light conditions, with the difference in brightness, it can be said only when zooming, the E7 Gionee somewhat more disadvantaged than Lumia1020 and iP5s, generally as common in screen size, the phone detailed images from the E7 is stable.


Conclusion: Compare camera Lumia 1020 – iPhone 5s and Gionee E7

With the capture mode is fully automated :
In low-light environments , capture night :

  • Gionee E7 : Full frame image processing generally good . E7 handles noise very well , not higher iso and full frames are processed , so the image does not light and the shadow detail is somewhat less prone to interference attenuation particles . Looking at the photo will have no sympathy for grain-free , beautiful smooth , if slightly bloody zoom will be the result of processing software .
  • iPhone 5s : No good pictures in low light situations . Photo particles much noise , but still keep the shadow detail .
  • Lumia1020 : good image detail , ability to handle noise well .


In good lighting conditions , day :

  • Gionee E7 : In close-ups , closeup topic , sharp detail , wide scene , the brightness difference is somewhat reduced sharpness in the morning . Color is somewhat biased toward the green . Of course testing with fully automatic mode , not in the WB calibration settings .
  • iPhone 5s : In light situations enough / good , iP5s image color fidelity , sharpness .
  • Lumia 1020 : very good image detail , more yellowish color when shooting light source oblique / reverse .

Personal interests :

This is a comparison of image quality in some lighting situations , and put together a new image we see differences . His own personal , and his remarkable 1020 still prefer to accept the 1020 though its slow because I also shoot slow . But between shooting night 5s and E7 , the E7 actually much better , but the day and the circumstances 5s have enough light image color fidelity and color do you like the switch over .


Compare camera Lumia 1020 – iPhone 5s and Gionee E7


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