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As a brand new step into the world from 2013 Gionee smartphone has attracted continuous attention from the world of technology with S5.5 , the world’s thinnest smartphone E7 owned or configuration Elife terrible but very competitive price online. With high-end configuration with 800 Snapdragon processor and memory options up to 3 GB of RAM , whether E7 is a reasonable choice in the price range under 10 million ?


Design: Elife E7 reviews


Because there is no price too high, the material constitutes E7 is hard plastic instead of metal . However, the processing quality of the machine is quite good , the lines are completed accurately and without superfluous details . Gionee also try to provide the best user experience for users with curved claws help dorsum of the hand grip , but the square next to it is unnecessary except when it is likely to cause pain when using long hand . Another factor to overcome this drawback is partially screen the area accounted for 81 % of the front of the machine , making the E7 is not too large compared with rival products with the same 5.5 -inch screen size .


Elife E7 smartphone is a monolithic design , which is just Gionee cut , carve a block of plastic and then put the parts , other parts , such as buttons on the screen and face up instead of using multiple screws on machine . This design gives the machine feels solid and unified when holding . However, details such as the SIM slot , the buttons are quite hard to use. Power key located on top of the camera is also a factor to reduce the allure of E7 . Overall, the design of the E7 does not really stand out but is also consistent with the price .
The screen and sound : Elife E7 reviews


Full HD resolution has become an indispensable standard on high-end smartphones and the more likely it will be replaced by the next time WQHD (2560 x 1440 pixels ) . Along with the size of 5.5 inches , the definition of the table Gionee E7 is free , users can hardly see individual pixels on by the detail shown very smooth . The screen uses IPS panels produced by Japan Display and LTPS technology applications help monitor border thickness is quite impressive . Gionee not forget also equipped with Gorilla Glass toughened glass 3 Elife latest E7 .


Through practical experience , the computer screen for better visibility , color realism than most of the devices have the same price . In addition, manufacturers also installed three color options for the user profile . The sound system on DTS technologies including E7 and speakers are placed at the bottom edge of the machine . When used at full volume , the sound emanating from Elife E7 loud, clear and less distorted or timid . Overall, the audio-visual experience on the E7 can now attempt to bring the high quality products of Gionee .
Software and performance : Elife E7 reviews


Like many other smart phones sold by Google , the E7 also installed its own custom interface called Amigo . Take the stylish flat design , Amigo 2.0 on the E7 is quite nice and easy to use . However, the transitions when a user exceeds the screen feels unreal smoothness programming by way of the development team . In fact , the very good performance of the machine , the processor E7 weighs a smooth game and not radiate much heat during use . Minus point is slightly lower capacity battery , 2,500 mAh and not only withstand the next two days with average use intensity .

Gionee have installed too many applications do not need a third-party and making space on your computer is not as expected . Besides, the company also has a number of interesting gadgets such as smart sensors automatically hear the call , tap twice on the screen to unlock , send files fast with GioneeXender , cleans Phone System with Accelerate , battery management and battery -saving mode , the RF security with security …

An interesting feature on the E7 Elife Gionee use Guest Mode mode . After being activated from the Notification bar , contacts information , private photos of users will be locked so convenient than in other cases the borrowed machine .
camera :
Detailed evaluation Elife E7 smartphone top of Gionee


Elife E7 reviews: Top smartphone of Gionee


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