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By ihenry March 21, 2014 1 Comment

The software allows us to OTT messaging and phone calls for free, but it depends on the internet , no network is not being spent . With FireChat software developed by the Open Garden Inc. , on the other , this is free software for iOS 7.0 operating system , it uses Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity to allow users to message each other for free without internet and mobile networks ( GSM , CDMA ) . Especially interesting is the feature on iOS 7.0 Multipeer Connectivity Framework ( Peer Networking multiple machines ) , each machine will spend FireChat is a ” broadcast station ” to help expand the connection with the PC software other .


Tell understandable when you spend FireChat iPhone , you can send text messages to other machines in the area FireChat spend nearly as long as you wave your Bluetooth and WiFi coverage to computer can , no need internet , no network mobile . Can understand it works like AirDrop function . Also when in areas that have more subscribers FireChat , these machines will be intermediate stations broadcasting to expand coverage , making a connection with C , D through B.


Download here for free FireChat , 4.9 MB capacity and iOS 7.0 support .


FireChat: messaging software for free without internet and mobile networks


  1. Thanks for share ! useful for everyone. :)

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