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By ihenry March 18, 2014 1 Comment

Microsoft today officially launched the OneNote application notes for OS X and vendor it is completely free . The interface of the app on OS X is designed very simple , neat , and most likely will be the style here is also applicable to the Microsoft Office for Mac ‘s upcoming new life . Speaking of features , OneNote on OS X is very similar to the Windows side , which we can organize notes into ” notebooks ” ( Notebook ) different in each window is divided into multiple pages to record the type of information different information . You can not tweak the font and font color , insert images or different symbols , create to-do list with checkbox as well as tagging ( tag ) for notes . Invite you to download OneNote for OS X on the Mac App Store .


Today OneNote also has free version for Windows and it is compatible with both Windows 7 and 8 . Previously, Microsoft only offers free OneNote for Windows 8 / 8.1 , while the older operating system , they must buy this app as a part of the Microsoft Office applications if they need to spend . OneNote offers you free download for Windows here .


Thus OneNote has free throughout all of today’s popular platforms , from OS X , iOS to Android , Windows , Windows Phone and web-based . Of course, Microsoft is still charging for advanced features such as integration with Outlook , share notes via SharePoint , see the history notes … but generally all the basic features are free to we use. Download OneNote for OSX and Windows


Free Microsoft launches OneNote for OSX and Windows, Office for Windows Phone Lens for document capture


  1. Thanks for share ! useful for everyone. :)

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