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By ihenry March 26, 2014 1 Comment

Mobile advertising industry is in boom phase , however it seems that rising tide lifting only have 2 big boat . Facebook is almost alone move forward in the industry mobile advertising market globally with quality 3-fold increase from 2012 to 2013 , according to a report from eMarketer . Google is still the middle position ” unique ” with nearly half of the market share , accounting for 49.3 % , however , compared with 2012 , the market share they are a little off , Google’s market share in 2012 53 % . As a whole , both Google and Facebook are in control to 68.8 % market share in the global mobile advertising , which is about 2/3 , a very large number .


Google and Facebook are controlling two thirds share of the global mobile advertising


The total market value of the global mobile advertising has more than doubled in 2013, reaching almost $ 18 billion , and it is expected to grow 75 % more this year . Facebook ranked next on the charts company market share mobile advertising globally is Twitter , but still very far distance . Twitter has increased its market share from 1.5 % to 2.4 % .


The increase in market share in a growing market can bring huge profits for the company . More than half of revenue in the quarter 4/2013 of Facebook is coming from mobile advertising . From almost no mobile advertising in 2011 , Facebook has been a landmark change and become the second largest company in the field of mobile advertising and their market share has increased over 150 % last year . Revenues from mobile advertising also helped bring financial resources to implement the Facebook sale , recent mergers , acquisitions typically like WhatsApp for $ 16 billion.


Besides listing the company ‘s market share , the mobile advertising eMarketer also announced the names of the same year digital advertising pie . Apart from Google and Facebook are held between the top two positions behind the name is Microsoft , Yahoo! , …


Marissa Mayer of Yahoo ‘s CEO recently spoke about the objectives targeted mobile advertising market . She said that Yahoo has about 500 professionals in the mobile sector , a significant change since she participated in operating the company . Clearly mobile advertising market is a promising market and it is growing stronger , and delicious cake will surely be many people like .


Google and Facebook are controlling two thirds share of the global mobile advertising


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