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By ihenry March 20, 2014 1 Comment

Thanks to the service application can coordinate flexible on iOS , Google shows that the company is very deep in Apple ‘s home turf . In the coming time , the search giant will even seek to increase revenue from games on iOS .


Android iOS games


In a statement for events capital Developers Conference GDC upcoming games this week, Google said it would create a multi- player platform game ( multiplayer ) for iOS and Android gamers . This means that if developers want to integrate Google into the Utility of their game ( iOS and Android ) , iOS and Android gamers can join in a game played in real time or turn- without having to worry about the compatibility of the two operating systems .


Currently, the services of Google Play Games iOS support with the familiar elements such as Achievement ( Achievement ) and Leaderboards ( ranking points ) . New features of the engine Utility will help bring more people the ability to play games ( or a combination antagonist ) , promises mobile experience more exciting game ever before .


Microsoft also has a similar step when declaring gaming service Xbox Live will step foot on rival operating systems . Thus, 2 of the big 3 Mobile has announced to bring the gaming experience much more competitive operating systems . In this war , we can not ignore Facebook platform casual games famous from the beginning .


In the leaked statement , Google said the majority of new Utility features will be released on 18/3 . At GDC , Google will try to convince game developers to use its platform .


Google developing games compatible Android and iOS 


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