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By ihenry March 14, 2014 1 Comment

If you have root machine and change, add or remove files on the system of Nokia X is whether the entire data format can not recover anything like the old one. The only way is to use Nokia’s own software on the computer to download the original firmware and run the machine. After the tutorial root and install Google Play for Nokia X then your article will guide you to overcome the consequences of fiddling out, put the camera back to new condition as when peeled box.


Guide running the original firmware Nokia X

Step 1 download the previous firmware, no need connect to PC X:

  • Click the Nokia DataPackage Manager and enter the parameters Product Type (Model) – Product Code. These parameters About machine can go to see.
  • After filling is complete, click on Search. The software will automatically find and list corresponding firmware of your machine.
  • Click on the download button to download firmware.
  • As the Nokia device firmware over his X 700MB, corn pulp in  network load takes 30 minutes.


Guide running the original firmware Nokia X


Next, installation firmware for phone: 

  • Nokia X plug into your computer and run the Support Tool For Product Store
  • Choose to Work Offline
  • Uncheck the Automatic product selection and go to File -> Open product
  • In the Filter box type in 980 for Nokia X appears. The next course is on the Nokia X then select Open
  • On the next screen select Programming -> recovery
  • A screen appears asking you to do one of the steps on the Nokia X, now shorter connects to the computer and do:
  • shutdown
  • Hold down the power and volume – up until 1 vibrator then release the power off, hold volume continues -
  • Keep the volume – more 15s then release. Nokia X then connect to the computer (this time on the phone screen display text only Nokia)
  • On the recovery window click Retry
  • Machine will run approximately 5 minutes to complete. When finished Nokia X will automatically restart


Guide running the original firmware Nokia X



  1. Thanks for share ! useful for everyone. :)

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