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By ihenry March 14, 2014 1 Comment

iCloud is a cloud computing system by Apple and is also an email service anymore. Previously we often think iCloud email account can only be used on Apple computers or via web-based only, while the other platforms can not be installed to send and receive messages. The truth is not so we can fully set up your own email account with iCloud devices a very easy way. Here I will guide you how to do it with Android and Windows Phone. The email application on different operating systems, then you set the same parameters, the BlackBerry own brother had a separate article about syncing iCloud account.


Setup iCloud for Android Phone


We will use an application available on most Android smartphones and tablet named ” Mail ” . Note that this software is only one word in the name is ” Mail ” only , not Gmail or Yahoo Mail with anything . You run the application it up , press the menu key and select Add Account . The figure below is illustrated by its HTC machines , machines of other manufacturers , the Mail interface will differ slightly , but the basic parameters and still the same way , do not worry okay.


First you need to enter your email address . When asked , choose the POP3/IMAP account , then enter the full email address (which includes @icloud.com ) and your password to the machine . In the next screen :

  • Make sure the account type is IMAP
  • Email Address Field will be available to fill your order , check back again for sure
  • Field Username , enter the first part of your email address , not including the tail icloud.com )
  • Password field is ignored, no need to re-enter
  • Field IMAP server , enter imap.mail.me.com
  • Field Security Type, select SSL , which is just below the Port , enter 993


Click Next to continue. Now you will be redirected to the setup screen protocol mailing.

  • Field Username and Password that you do not need to fill in the
  • Field SMTP server, enter smtp.mail.me.com
  • Field Security Type, select TLS Server Port entry line number 587


Continue to click Next, wait a bit for confirmation Mail application to send and receive messages iCloud servers that we have can be used. Then simply enter the name for this email account is finished. Click Finish to complete Setup. Try to see how to send and receive mail. The establishment of such supports push mail, which is the last letter appears to be notified immediately, very tasty.


Setup iCloud for Windows Phone


  • Access to the System Settings> email + accounts> add account> other account.
  • Enter your iCloud email address, which includes @icloud.com
  • Enter access password, click the Login button at the bottom of the screen edge
  • Wait a moment for machine authentication is done, no need to configure anything more. Too great. As shown below, you can see that Windows Phone has some auto-fill your mail server for us already.


wish you success. And I repeat again, with any email client that you need to set the parameters iCloud account entirely similar setting for Android.


Hope this help: “Guide to setting up iCloud email account for Android and Windows Phone


  1. Thanks for share ! useful for everyone. :)

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