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By ihenry March 15, 2014 1 Comment

HoverChat SMS is a free application for Android with a special ability that allows you to message anytime, anywhere without having to exit the application you’re spending , similar to the idea of Facebook Chat Head . For example , when you are browsing the web that message , a small dialog box will appear on the screen allows you to browse through a conversation with that person as well as reply message . You do not have to exit the browser , running on the SMS app and then return to the browser again . Once a message is complete , we can always close the dialog box or shrink it into the circle icon and then move to the desired location . If you do not like Instant messaging style as the Head , HoverChat SMS is a very beautiful interface can completely replace the default messaging app Android.


Some other features of HoverChat for Android Phone :


  • Allow contact options will appear as Instant Messaging Head when that person for you
  • Convert multiple different theme
  • Support Emoji
  • When you are zoomed into the IM window icon circle , if a message comes, this circular motion effects will let you know
  • A few notes :
  • If you have installed Go SMS Pro , Handcent SMS and MySMS , you need to disable or uninstall them before installing HoverChat
  • If you’re using Android 4.4, when asked do you want to allow HoverChat default SMS app or not, you have to choose .


Download HoverChat For Android Phone


  1. Thanks for share. good apps :)

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