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By ihenry March 19, 2014 1 Comment

Nokia X Android without using Android , the Android platform without using Google Play , then install the software will look like ? Actually, not much thought , of course Nokia has prepared and that is Nokia Store ( Shop Vietnamese is ) dedicated to Android , it is available in Nokia Store Nokia X. similar activities with Google Play , not only that much by software . Here are a few ways to use your installed software for Nokia X.
1 – Nokia Store - install software for Nokia X


But the amount is not much software , especially software native Vietnamese language software , but Nokia Store can also take advantage of . Therefore, when you look for a certain software , first try to find the Nokia Store , I was surprised to find Laban and Laban Dict key here , as two of its software or use .

There is a rather strange thing I saw on the Nokia Store full of free software , the software does not have to be sold at all. Also can not find his or VN is so limited , I will check more carefully . If anything , some software ” in app payments ” – > run out to buy more features .

Access speed of Nokia Store bit slow , partly due to weak machines , due partly networks .
2 – Sideload APK - install software for Nokia X


Sideload APK – straight copy the installation file ( apk ) of X and software installed on your Nokia . File sharing is often on forums or other power source . I myself usually do not favor this way .

As usual we cr @ ack file sharing is the main , if not , the problem is software or malicious code . This issue will be discussed more closely in another topic . Of course , you need to pay attention more closely to the source file when using this option .

Nokia X has built- in file manager : Astro , you can use it to find the new apk file to your computer and copy settings . Remember to Settings – > Privacy – > option to unknown ( read the warning level to me) .
3 – Install from Google Play - install software for Nokia X


Installing software directly from Google Play is the most happy then , but no Google Play Nokia X and you need root to install on the machine . See also: Guide to root and install Google Play for Nokia X.

However, if you do not care much to buy on Google Play software , or through Google Apps attention to the fact there are still ways to install the app on the computer without installing Google Play . It is used evozi.com website – refer to : [ Android Trick ] Download the installation file directly from Google Play APK easily .

Order directly implemented on the Nokia X is a browser and go to :
First 2 links below to bookmark frequently used offline :
https://play.google.com/store – Google Play
http://apps.evozi.com/apk-downloader/ – To create link and download APK file directly from Google Play


How to install software for Nokia X


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