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By marry candy February 25, 2014 2 Comments

How to track on your spouse cell phone text messages?

This question will give you our answer .

Do you know a software that can do many things that you need.

It is nothing but Hellospy tracking software .


Hellospy will help you?

Functional analysis newest , most powerful phone tracking software.


+ Location-based services ( the program will automatically locate the position of the user when he or she sends a message or

phone call to the manager checks whether the user is not honest . Recording schedule goals GPS in the picture. placed GPS List

from time to time. A new feature compared with the old features . )


+ Call :

- Audio recordings of normal call ( software will automatically record any calls , to any machine with best quality )


- Record the call logs as normal dialed , call , call duration , date and time of call …


- Record Skype calls ( automatically record Skype chats )


- Record calls on Viber ( An added feature when the phone is tracked automatically record calls from Viber target

machine )


+ Message:


- History Message ( Show full message go to , send a message phone number , date, time … )


- Back up the entire contents of common SMS messages


- Send and receive Email List


- Copy content to send and receive e- mail


- A copy of the message Facebook Chat , WhatsApp Chat , Skype Chat , Chat Viber , VK Chat.

+ Listen to recording ambient.


- The software allows you to record ambient sound by calling directly from a pre-registered number directly to the target

machine .


+ Get notified about Email or phone when a call or message or reposition if necessary.


+ Manage phonebook


+ Photos, audio :


- A copy of the phone image


- Copies of pictures posted on facebook


- A copy of the video is saved on the phone .


+ Information phone :


- Display full information about the phone .


+ Record Internet browser history


• Record the real job is to write on the calendar.


How to install software ?


Step 1 : Download and install HelloSpy on the target cellphone .
Step 2 : Open the app on the target cell phone HelloSpy and login / register with your Flickr account .

Step 3 : Login HelloSpy ( www.hellospy.com ) with tag how to track on your spouse cell phone text messages.


How it works and how cost ?


Depending on the case and the level of complexity , we will make reasonable fee


to bring out the most effective for you .


We always make you satisfied with working professional , effective


and prestige .


  1. Hellospy really good. It helps me to monitor and supervise the people that I care through functions such as location-based services, History Message, Back up the entire contents of common SMS messages, Record the call logs as normal dialed , call , call duration , date and time of call …. You install and use to show the effectiveness of the application Hellospy

  2. I previously difficult to manage the My teenagers. Be who you refer, I tried to run the application HelloSpy for Iphone 5 phones and it’s great that I can manage their phone. Messages and calls of childs. I have been thoroughly checked.

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