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By ihenry April 4, 2014 1 Comment

Intel recently said that they developed Android 4.4 version with human KitKat ( kernel ) 64 – bit optimized for the Atom SoC . In this version , it was adapted , testing and validation of the open source Android operating system running on the Intel architecture so that developers and hardware manufacturers will not have to manually perform this stage . Intel said it will be a prerequisite for the Android ecosystem for the 64 – bit build ” the next generation devices .” During the next Android version will be tweaked Intel open to everyone to join hands to accelerate development speed and improves launch quality .


New in February this year, Intel also announced two 64 – bit series Atom SoC Merrifield , including Z3460 and Z3480 . The two chips are designed based on Silvermont 22nm microarchitecture and will be used in smartphones . Although Intel Merrifield positioning in the middle segment – the company promises high but that still Z3460 and Z3480 horizontal light performance with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 or Apple’s A7 .


Intel released the Android 4.4′s KitKat with the Atom chip optimized for 64-bit


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