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By ihenry March 22, 2014 1 Comment

Apple’s iPods are slowly being death . However, no one can deny the success of the iPod music player on the market as well as the status of PM3 for the Apple iPod .


The first blockbuster of Apple ‘s iPod , was born in the 2000s . iPod has helped Apple increase vitality for the long sleep waking up in the 1990s and brought apples to the path of success and greatness today . However , sales of equipment used to revolutionize the MP3 player is declining with very fast speed . Last year , the iPod has hit its lowest revenue since 2005 and is expected to continue to decline further in 2014.


Apple has grossed $ 4.4 billion last year thanks to the iPod in , but that revenue fell 21 % . Of course , that’s not surprising . iPhone iPod has been replaced completely functional from many years ago . The largest market of iPod is probably not our parents want their children to have phones . There are also those who buy an iPod to use when they go out to work , but SmartWatch is this targeting of the iPod .


Diagram annual sales of iPod shows a sharp decline of the product


However, the importance of the product can not be underestimated . IPod greatest merit is that it may have helped Apple establish loyal relationships with millions of customers , who are still enamored of Apple’s ecosystem .


iPod is dying each day


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