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By ihenry March 26, 2014 1 Comment

Microsoft today officially released the Beta 2 version of Windows Application Store Project Siena on technology project of the same name that was published in December last year . This application allows users to create their own applications without programming by harnessing the power of data and content corporations , as well as web-based services .


These types of applications that users can develop by Project Siena applications including consumer information such as product catalogs , lectures by video , photos , etc … The app allows users to make decisions spot as adjusted insurance claim , the choice of attire and applications to perform tasks such as recording , sound , handwriting and data entry forms reality . In addition, the application also connect to multiple web services , from services for end users to the popular SaaS (Software as a Service ) for corporations and professional IT services set .


Changes in Beta 2 include:

  • Quick Start function allows the creation of simple applications with the selection of a folder containing the image ;
  • Additional service features , search , speech and social network connections into the application ;
  • Supports connectivity to SaaS services and IT development services ;
  • Supports YouTube video ;
  • System to learn new functions .


You can download the application by Project Siena


Microsoft releases “application create application” Siena Project on Windows Store 


  1. Thanks for share ! useful for everyone. :)

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