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By ihenry March 27, 2014 1 Comment

Six new vulnerabilities are discovered on Google’s mobile platform , showing that threats to a total of more than 1 billion Android devices today. These gaps make Android devices become ” easy prey ” of the malware and vulnerable than ever.


Android flaw discovered after damaging than 1 billion smartphones and tablets


Researchers from Indiana University and Microsoft has published a report describing a new class of vulnerabilities on Android is called pileup errors . Pileup (which stands for privilege escalation through updating – roughly translated as the error does not allow more privileges through updates ) , increasing the access to malicious applications Android is updated every time , without notice users .


” Every few months , an update was released , causing the replacement and additional tens of thousands of files on an operating system . Every newly installed applications need to be configured carefully kidney to be able to set up their own property and the right to access the system without accidentally damaging to the application and user data is available , “the researchers said . ” This complicates the process of installing the update the phone, can easily lead to significant security vulnerabilities ” .

“Through the application is running on a lower version of Android , the malicious software may require a bunch of permissions or attributes only on the version of the operating system ” , the researchers said .

Another issue that is so minimalist and Android user interface became more convenient to use , instead of displaying the reminder when a certain application is asking for new access , the system Android allows the system automatically in background mode without any user intervention .


More 1 billion smartphone / tablet Android security flaws dangerous adhesive


Researchers claim to have discovered six vulnerabilities in various pileup management services Android Package ( PMS ) , and has confirmed that this vulnerability is present in all versions of the Android open source project , along with over 3,500 customized version of Android was developed by the manufacturer of the handset and the network . In total, the researchers suggest that this vulnerability will put more than a billion Android devices at risk pileup vulnerable , ie most devices running Android are sticky error .

The researchers also introduced a new scanning tool called SecUP capable of detecting malicious applications are installed on a device before it and is asking improve access unjustly often . This tool checks the source code of PMS ( from the various Android versions ) to identify unusual behavior of the application .

It is known that all these issues have been warned for Google , and the company currently has patched a flaw in the above-mentioned six .


More 1 billion smartphone / tablet Android security flaws dangerous adhesive


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