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By ihenry March 26, 2014 1 Comment

Nokia has recently released 2 useful apps for Lumia phones . First Car App – an app that helps users fast access to your favorite applications when car drivers and Pocket Magnifier – an application that lets you use the camera as a magnifying glass .


Nokia releases Car App and Pocket Magnifier dedicated Lumia phones

Nokia Car App can be enabled through NFC automatically when the device is put into phone accessories prices to the Nokia CR – 200 . This application consists of 2 parts , the above is the basic information like time , date . You can pass to see weather the current placement and percent remaining battery life of the device . Below are 3 Tile with large size , allowing you access to your favorite applications . By default , these applications include navigation maps + Here Drive , Nokia Music application and call the Quick MixAudio Call . You can assign applications and other tasks for the underlying Tile in the Settings Menu bar .


Download Nokia Car App


Pocket Magnifier is a support app for Lumia phone users have problems with eyesight . The application was developed in partnership with the Royal Institute of the Blind and is reserved for the Lumia devices .


As the name implies , Pocket Magnifier works like a magnifying glass , digital zoom allows you to observe things more clearly through the camera . To zoom in to a subject , such as a text on paper , you can tap the screen to focus and zooming operations by opening two fingers ( pinch – to- zoom ) . The maximum zoom is 4x , which is 4 times the actual size . To facilitate the reading or viewing content zoom , you can click the Stop button ( Pause ) button below the screen and save ( Save) images as needed . In addition, the application also has a button to open the flash light support and a filter button ( Filter ) with different contrast options .

Download Nokia Pocket Magnifier


Nokia releases Car App and Pocket Magnifier dedicated Lumia phones


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