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By ihenry March 21, 2014 1 Comment

Until now , U.S. President Barack Obama has always used a BlackBerry phone . He has a personal BlackBerry before becoming president , has been replaced by a different BlackBerry is better security after he is directing . However, the next U.S. president will be able to completely switch to Android phone users .


Obama’s BlackBerry is secured very well , and can only be contacted 10 people


According to the Wall Street Journal , the White House is implementing a process for preparing test device equipped with Samsung , LG for politicians . Commission communication of the White House , a military unit under the control of the responsible contact Obama is doing this work .

These new tests in the initial stage , and will take several months to complete . So , maybe Obama phone that uses the term in the last year ( ending in 2017 ) will be Android . This should be the final blow to the lag of the BlackBerry . Until now , the U.S. government is one of the most stable source of income of the telephone company , and maintaining contracts with the government ‘s priorities as well as a new CEO John Chen . However, in recent years , many units were transferred to the phone using Android or iPhone .

Representatives from Samsung and LG have not had any further information on this issue . LG spokesman said the company did not know about the U.S. government’s testing . Meanwhile , representatives of the BlackBerry that BlackBerry can only meet the requirements of high security of the U.S. government .

Although previous BlackBerry phones have always known this is more secure than other platforms but it certainly is a new Android handset Obama will have to go through the editing process and rigorously tested to ensure security .

Time with the BlackBerry device is used , only Obama can communicate with 10 people , to ensure that his contacts are always under control. He also has an iPad for reading , and perhaps this was not a normal iPad .


President Obama will quit using BlackBerry to Android


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