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By ihenry March 19, 2014 1 Comment

Price high compared with configuration, but compensate back Oppo R1 owns foreign shaped eye-catching, performance use quite good go enclosed with the useful features build on the background Android Jelly Bean, meet many different needs.


Rating Oppo R1 – smartphone features fashionable good

Launched after phablet N1 and located in the lower segment at a price of 8.9 million, but the R1 ‘s smartphone Oppo is attracting more attention from users . In particular , the design is the most attractive point of the product .


Design - Rating Oppo R1


Design of R1 Oppo makes people relate to the Xperia series of Sony Z series high as well as a bit of flair from the Apple iPhone 5 and 5S . Even so , Chinese manufacturers have done a combination of beauty from rivals to offer a product that many people will find attractive , more prominent than other smartphones on the market .
Like the Xperia Z or Z1 , front screen and rear back side of R1 is two flat glass plates , were squeezed into the thin metal frame with contour cutting thin shiny like the iPhone 5S . With a choice of black or white versions , the borders of R1 Oppo also has the choice of either gold or champagne pearl gray as 5S . Combined with tones that are super thin appearance only 7.1 mm , which increases the appearance of fashion products .


The quality of finishing is meticulous on the advantages of the Oppo models , which are promoted on R1 . Part metal frame though like the iPhone but proved hard and more difficult to scratch . The power button , volume side edges are thin but still be made ​​, of good feedback when pressed. Headset jack , microUSB port and speakerphone part of transpiration are trimmed quite sharp cut in the metal frame . SIM tray not always quite long even 2 SIM , but still made ​​of metal and fits into your body .


In terms of overall feeling of holding R1 Oppo proved very sure . Machine designers use glass but also sticking fingerprint was not much , dirty and uncomfortable . However, the trade-offs with fashionable appearance and slim is the machine celery and discomfort when holding and using long .


Screen - Rating Oppo R1


Oppo R1 property with a screen size of 5 inches , the size is large enough to satisfy the entertainment needs , as well as touch operation ease . Design contours sides slim sized machine pretty neat . Oppo proved ” trick ” to set the display caught in a thin black border , creating a sense of wider screens with very thin wrapper around when not in use . But when you open the bright , black border around the screen to reveal the new .
The deficiencies in 5 -inch smartphone is stopped at a resolution of 720p HD standard resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels , while rates closer to the product segment of the Full HD screen . If you look close and eye strain , users can still see the pixels clearly . In return , the sharpness on screen Oppo R1 acceptable , good response to the web browser , view your photos and enjoy movies . Even the tiny inscription inside the app icon Color OS interface still showing quite clearly , obviously .


Oppo screen panels are fitted to IPS R1 is still the same level as many other smartphone vendors . It displays colors quite honest , high contrast , wide viewing angles and brightness are pretty special . This can be annoying when people use in dark conditions . Also, a good feature and is highly appreciated in this product is ultra-sensitive touch screen , allowing users to manipulate the touch screen even when wearing gloves , in accordance with conditions used in the northern region in the cold days .


Rating Oppo R1 – smartphone features fashionable good


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