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By ihenry March 10, 2014 1 Comment

If you’ve ever known AirPrint wireless printing technology Apple or Google Cloud Print is now Samsung also has a similar technology that Samsung Cloud Print . This technology enables wireless printing we can print documents remotely via Android and iOS phones , and in supporting and quick connection via NFC connectivity for printer support . In particular , Samsung also says their technology will integrate directly with Knox security services are installed on the machine to increase its added security during wireless printing .


Samsung launches wireless solutions in Cloud Print, supporting Android, iOS and NFC


It is expected that the company will release software that runs on Android in June , the longer version for iOS will be available in the second half of this year and probably will be for the Smart TV . Samsung said they are concerned about security issues so all data communications between the printer and the mobile device will be encrypted end to prevent theft. In addition, the machine ‘s built- Knox eg Samsung Galaxy Note 3 S4 or the level of security is higher by two associated software will work together .


In addition, Samsung Cloud Print supports short-range wireless connectivity NFC , allowing users to connect one device with a maximum of 20 printers just by touching and pressing , but this function is only supported Xpress line of printers that support its NFC only.


Samsung launches wireless solutions in Cloud Print, supporting Android, iOS and NFC



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