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By ihenry March 16, 2014 1 Comment

After debugging asynchronous messaging across all devices , the Windows version of Skype from 8 to Windows Phone has been updated and turn today , Skype on the Xbox gaming platform One is the improved version next supply and fix .
Microsoft fixes synchronous chats between multiple devices for Skype , going to fix the problem notification
Microsoft launches Skype features widely integrated into Outlook.com.


This is the first update for Skype on Xbox One since it was introduced in November last year . This update includes new remarkable features such as :

  • Improved chat : Microsoft has focused on enhancing experience for Skype chat on Xbox One to ensure the synchronized dialogue and minimize the number of missed message . Not only are synchronized , the message is also notified via Push Notification system , helps users identify and spread the message history up to 1000 messages to believe rather than just 7 days before.
  • Marvel ‘s Captain America : here is a pack of emoticons ( emoticons ) special edition dedicated to Skype on Xbox One .
  • Filter contacts : with the new update , users will be able to filter your contacts to see who is online without the need to scroll up and down in the phonebook to find the chat .
  • Manual for Beginners : Microsoft additional guidance opening a passage for beginners to use Skype on their Xbox One to quickly get familiar with the interface , making calls and sending messages easier.
  • Corrected errors that users feedback , improve user performance .


Skype on Xbox One will automatically update if you turn on Instant On mode . If you wish to update immediately , open Skype on Xbox One and the app will update notifications .


Skype on Xbox One update, upgrade chat, filtering contacts, add emoticon


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