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By ihenry March 20, 2014 1 Comment

On his blog , Sony has today officially confirmed that the company began to release Android 4.4 update for Xperia KitKat Ultra Z , Z1 and Z1 Compact . Besides members are upgraded to the latest Android version , users on three Xperia line also some changes in the interface , such as the status bar ( Status Bar ) and Quick Settings is now more intuitive and easy to see . Additionally , you will realize that Sony has added visual effects application , unlock the machine , add new wallpapers ( PlayStation 4 ) .


Android 4.4 update for Xperia KitKat Ultra Z , Z1 and Z1 Sony Compact also witnessed the upgrading of basic applications such as messaging , MyXperia , Sony Select, Smart Connect , … to the latest version – promise appointment will perform better , smoother. Further, Sony said the Media app include: WALKMAN , Album & Movies , cloud services Sony Entertainment Network will also be upgraded .


Sony also revealed the company will roll out Android 4.4 for the Xperia KitKat Z , ZR , ZL and Z Tablet in mid Q2 this year . The machine as Ultra Xperia T2 , E1 and M2 will also up 4.4 KitKat in the future .


Sony start rolling out Android 4.4 update for Xperia KitKat Ultra Z, Z1 and Z1 Compact


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