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By ihenry March 10, 2014 1 Comment

Although many considered an upgraded version of ‘light’ of Z1, Z2 Xperia still shows the point of its very own enhancements to convince users to upgrade to newer products. With very little time experiences, we will explore some of the issues before the ability to display images, the noise of audio technology, HDMI output capability 4K camera with a few features on the Xperia Z2 ago when there is a realistic assessment of the product.


Design metal frame, two glass


At MWC 2014, Sony was showcasing its metal frame structure Xperia Z2 is formed from aluminum blocks. Over the meticulous CNC cutting, we’ll get a frame around the machine. Since then the company will mount components to complete products such as IC, battery, protective cover … That’s why when we took on the Xperia Z2 or Z1 is pretty strong feeling, even even when accidentally falling at lower altitudes (less than 1 meter), it is difficult to be deformed (of course, the scratches can not avoid)


IPS screen , LED Live Colour , Triluminos , X – Reality


With the names listed above and technologies , we can see that Sony has integrated almost what its best at the screen of Xperia Z2 . With a resolution of 1,080 x 1,920 pixels owns 424 ppi pixel density screen on the Xperia Z2 carry the same parameters as the smartphone segment . However, we will mention the following technologies it .


Unlike the Xperia Z1 , Sony has used an IPS LCD panels so the first thing is that it has better viewing angles compared to previous products . With Live Colour LED , Sony complement the red phosphor and green on panels blue LED lighting and custom color filters to expand more colors ( color gamut ) . So that the reconstructed images became more vivid compared to the screen that the company has used on the flag – ship previously , saturation will of course not too harsh so that it becomes ‘ false ‘ .


Triluminos display technology is mentioned more in 2013 by Sony have applied it on high-end BRAVIA TV line . Of course this technology really the best on BRAVIA TV , it was developed from technology partners ColorIQ of QD Vision . On the Xperia logo Triluminos fact that a software implementation of the algorithm to improve its color screen by improving color change by expanding the color gamut . It works in tandem with X – Reality , this technology will enhance the sharpness and contrast of the image and video display . The algorithm will automatically adjust Triluminos sky background , skin color , sea … to reconstruct an image and it’s the most natural way , are no longer the phenomenon of sea and sky indistinguishable . Also when to display the details needed to highlight , Triluminos also automatically adjusted so that it becomes more vivid .


Overall, the Xperia Z2 screen may not be the best in all but deserves a “screen ” best of Sony for the time being .
Camera : Timeshift burst video , visual effects for video , turning 4K …


Based on current MP camera module 20.7 , Sony has improved quite a lot about photography software for Xperia Z2 , mainly processing algorithms .


Currently testing products sold in the period still not going to appear to try and video captures Delicate yet been posted . We’ll talk about some of the new features of the Xperia Z2 : Picture Effect that is applied to video with some unique visual effects . Timeshift Burst mode for video application is capable of recording 120 fps at Full HD resolution , as well shooting 61 frames / second ( resolution is unclear how much ) .


About 4K video recording capability , Sony applied MPEG-4 AVC format with extremely high compression and decoding a quality device with up to 50 Mbps ( according to parameters read from VLC ) . With 1 minute video of the space it consumes about 400 MB . This is why Sony recommends that users should select external memory card for recording. With exFAT format , you can go over 5 minutes due to FAT partition is limited to a maximum capacity of 4GB . The use of new Snapdragon chip makes 4K video recording and playback easier . In fact if your movies on the PC can not see well from 4K movies , the Xperia Z2 reason is hardware decoder and is insufficient to meet .


With stabilization SteadyShot electronic image , said Sony application of 3 -dimensional vibration ( shaking horizontal , vertical , rotating sensor simulation ) to simulate it as a mechanical system . The effectiveness of this mechanism is how we will know when the actual test . Although many people still desire an optical anti-shake mechanism on Xperia Z followed by this technology truly effective on many Nokia and LG .


Finally , the ability to automatically capture Superior Auto , Xperia Z2 can last up to 6400 ISO and exposure calibration smarter . It is unclear how the other modes but this is clearly a difference compared to Xperia Z1 . You can see the test article at MWC 2014 .
Audio: DNC support chip , suitable headphones and digital audio output via DAC / DAC amp


The sound is probably a pretty important factor if you intend to own the Xperia Z2 .


Sony did not specify what sound chip they use in Xperia Z2 ( this information is rarely published) that they only emphasize the anti-noise technology on your computer ( Digital Noise Cancelling ) . The company has brought this technology from the F880 Walkman runs Android so that it supports a certain number of samples headphones . You can choose to remove environmental noise 3 different offices , train or bus and highest plane . However, we will not know if Sony comes with Noise Cancelling headset support in genuine version in Vietnam or not ? Previously Xperia Z1 headset been removed in the original version . DNC technology also applies to removable micro samples of the STM10 Sony also introduced the Xperia Z2 . This may also be the reason that this headset is compatible only with Z2 or Z2 tablet .


It’s indispensable digital audio capabilities of the DAC / DAC amp with USB OTG cable , a feature long awaited audiophile world . So that you can listen to music through higher quality DAC and amplifier . MicroUSB port on Xperia Z2 enough power to charge a phone for another Sony .


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