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By ihenry March 17, 2014 1 Comment

1 . Blue screen of death - The most common mistakes and how to fix on iphone 5s


Many users said that using office applications in the iWork ( Pages , Keynote and Numbers ) , their iPhone 5s could die ” sudden death period .” If you press the Home button while in edit screen , iPhone 5s will be transferred to crashes and blue screens . Then , your iPhone will restart automatically . In severe cases , iPhone 5s will encounter this error on all other applications and will continuously reboot , making use becomes impossible.
Many people speculated that iPhone 5s to meet this condition by 64 – bit processors of the machine is not compatible with the application / old 32-bit software . The developers are trying to optimize their applications , and Apple will probably fix this in future versions of iOS 7 . However, as of the time of writing (November 1/2014 ) , 7 the latest iOS version ( 7.0.4 ) has yet to patch , many users still encounter the blue screen of death on iPhone 5s .
How temporary fix :
- Exit the text editor screen before pressing the Home button .
- Turn off iCloud for iWork applications by accessing Settings / iCloud / Text & Data ( Settings > iCloud > Documents & Data ) , then slide off of Pages , Keynote and Numbers .
- Try to find the application has been optimized for iOS 7 and 64 – bit processors . Update the application to the latest version .
Take a quick update to the iOS version 7 when Apple launched the new patch . If the problem becomes too severe , you will be forced to contact the store to distribute warranty .


2 . Faulty sensors - The most common mistakes and how to fix on iphone 5s


Many people said gyroscope sensor on the iPhone 5s failed pretty badly . When you use the compass app available on the iOS 7 , results that iPhone 5s paid out very differently than the iPhone 5 . Some users are having problems with all the compass sensor , acceleration sensor and gyro sensor on the iPhone 5s .
The degree of fault of the product may vary . Apple so far has not announced acknowledged this error , so no one knows this is hardware or software error . Very likely this is a hardware fault , because iPhone 5s only encountered this situation.
Ans : Currently , there is not any positive way to overcome this problem at all. Many users even brought change machine at Apple Store , but this error still continues. As noted above , this is clearly not a hardware or software error . If careful , you can compare the compass app on iPhone 5s and older iPhone models before you buy .


3 . Button emits strange noises - The most common mistakes and how to fix on iphone 5s


Many users complain that their home button to create the word ” click ” when pressed quite clear , and the power button is loose causing noise when shaking machine . These users have exchanged iPhone 5s at Apple stores said the new model also encountered a similar situation .

So , here is the error caused by the design of the machine . However, in some cases , the noise produced when camera shake is very strong , indicating that the most likely components inside the fuselage was liquid .

Fix: The fix is only brought out the machine shop to check internal components have loose or not . If the component is normal , you will have to accept to live with the noise . Actually , they are not so large that a normal user can easily recognize and feel uncomfortable .

4 . Touch ID does not work when purchased content on iTunes - The most common mistakes and how to fix on iphone 5s


Some users said their iPhone 5s not accurately identify users when using the fingerprint sensor on the Home button to purchase content on iTunes . Fortunately , Apple has iOS 7.0.1 fixes this .

Fix: Update your iPhone 5s to the latest iOS version . Access the printer settings / General settings / software update ( Settings > General > Software Update ) and perform the update to the latest version . You can also update iOS for iPhone by connecting it to your computer and perform the update on iTunes .

5 . iphone 5s are hot machine - The most common mistakes and how to fix on iphone 5s

Many users said their iPhone 5s abnormal heat generation , comes with the battery very fast phenomena . In some cases, the battery on the iPhone model may have failed , but like all other smartphones , heat issues and battery is largely caused by the application .

Ans : You have to define the problem is due to a hardware or applications . Press and hold the lock / unlock the machine and press Home button to reboot the iPhone 5s . Then you will notice if you are running any applications when the heat started unusually . If the problem is due to a single cause application , update or stop using this app .
If you have iPhone 5s are hot condition , even if the task does not run ” heavy ” like gaming or video game , take the machine to the shop for warranty .

6 . Microphone does not work - The most common mistakes and how to fix on iphone 5s

Many users said their iPhone 5s could not record voices clearly . This problem may not be too serious ( just to take a few words ) or very serious ( totally inaudible voice when calling ) .

Way to fix it:
- Go to Settings / Privacy / Microphone ( Settings / Privacy / Microphone ) and check that you are using the application has been granted the right to use a microphone or not .
- Turn off the noise cancellation feature . Try removing the cover and the iPhone 5s , or go to Settings / General Settings / Accessibility / Phone Noise Reduction ( Settings > General > Accessibility / Phone Noise Cancelation ) and see whether the problem has been solved or not .
Finally, if you still encounter this problem , you will have to carry your iPhone 5s go hanh.Tren sure this is the most common error 6 on iPhone 5s . When you buy a new computer , take note of the product check if you have encountered these errors or not . In addition, you can also refer to the most common errors on iOS 7 and how to fix them .


The most common mistakes and how to fix on iphone 5s


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