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By ihenry March 6, 2014 1 Comment

Vertex4 Vertex: Jailbreak tweak that brings the awesome iOS 8 concept to life now available on Cydia

Vertex: Jailbreak tweak that brings the awesome iOS 8 concept to life now available on Cydia

Vertex, the highly anticipated jailbreak tweak that brings the awesome iOS 8 multitasking concept by Bill Labus to life, is now available on Cydia.

Apple completely revamped how multitasking worked in iOS 7, but the way to bring up the switcher remained the same — double click Home button. A new iOS 8 concept imagines how the multitasking switcher and Control Center could be merged, with a simple swipe up from bottom gesture to bring it up.

Here’s a recap:


Vertex incorporates a swipe up,Zephyr-like gesture to bring up the app switcher which includes not only the app cards, but the control center as well. From the app switcher you’re able to switch between apps while you mange your toggles, brightness, and music.

The toggles can be rearranged in the settings and you can choose to scroll through your toggles by horizontal or vertical paging. You won’t have the ability to use your quick launch apps that are in the native control center, but you can always download FlipLaunch and put them in the toggles.

There are some options to configure within the Vertex settings, which include changing the background from a blurred wallpaper look, to a gray background.  You can also change the app card corners to be rounded off, which we find to be very complimenting. If you’re a big fan of the theme that you’re using and you don’t want those icons to go to waste in the app switcher, then you can enable those in Vertex as well.


Check out the video of Vertex in action below:

Along with Control Center and the app switcher, Bill also incorporated some changes to the Notification Center. Right now Notification Center is a translucent panel that appears over the app, but his concept brings the app “card” down, revealing Notification Center.



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