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By ihenry March 19, 2014 1 Comment

HTC is known for its Beats Audio sound technology extravaganza but in 2014 VSR smartphone rankings in sound quality , top of the HTC phone again ranked last high-end segment , other segments ranked only average . Why so?


VSR 2014: Why HTC charts at the bottom of the sound?

First of all , have confirmed that the smartphone does not sound assessment means that conclusions smartphone or hear sounds like, simply because there is no standard definition for a sound ” or ” . In other words , each person has a different conception of sound or : like many people , the bass , the sound clear favorite , in , or who simply prefer to sound …


And to ” direction ” of the diverse preferences ears so we had a lot of different ways: using equalizer ( EQ ​​) , the choice of external speaker , the headphone hobby . But unfortunately , these do not reflect the true nature of sound quality : Sound is recreated faithfully how ?


That is why when ranking smartphone sound. Speaking more understandable , it is the ability to assess a smartphone music reproduction than the original precision anywhere .


We used the method of standard pop sound file on your phone , put into a computer and compared to the original file, to analyze the difference between sound and sound measurement standard is , between the measured results of the various devices . Each device was also assessed sound several times, to minimize the possibility of errors in the evaluation process .


In the senior group product evaluation rankings in 2014 VSR iPhone 5S , Sony Xperia Z1 , Nokia Lumia 1020 ( not 1520 Nokia Lumia rating for this machine belongs phablet line ) , Samsung Galaxy S4 and LG G2 , HTC One .


VSR 2014: Why HTC charts at the bottom of the sound?


The test results showed that the iPhone 5S and Sony Xperia Z1 not have much difference . Both machines are able to reproduce sound pretty good , with low- frequency response and uniform ( audible sound similar to the original ) , the high dynamic range , low noise and sound leakage ( less image noise to more sound effects ) . However, when comparing the values ​​given by the software , can see only some frequency response and noise of the iPhone 5s a little bit more flashy . That means , the iPhone 5S and Sony Xperia Z1 has realistic sound quality , but if you have to weigh the offer iPhone 5S is marginally better . And the ” measurement ” can only be seen by the software , ears will hardly notice the difference .


Frequency response chart of iPhone 5s


And Xperia Z1


Meanwhile , between results iPhone 5S and HTC One big difference over there , and by assessing the equipment and software , the HTC One of the parameters proved inconclusive . The other HTC phones have similar results . In the mid-range segment 1 , HTC One X is in the bottom position . And the midrange segment 2 and cheap , two of HTC phones in the average.


This can make many people amazed by the impressive HTC with Beats Audio , will sound very good . However, the nature of Beats Audio on HTC phones only software solution , adjusting tonal range ( EQ ​​) and makes the bass more prominent , thus ” flatter ” than the ear to hear the music as Hip – hop . ( Read more about the Beats in this article ) .


However, thanks to the contributions of advertisements , Beats Audio has been inflated , and became a hot sound technology in recent years . Therefore, in 2011, to enhance competitiveness , Taiwan smartphone company HTC has spent $ 300 million to buy 50.1 % stake in Beats . Since then , all the high-end line of HTC phones , even some of the mid-range Android and Windows Phone are integrated Beats Audio technology . However, this does not help HTC phone successfully , and even last year HTC had to sell all shares for Beats .


VSR 2014: Why HTC charts at the bottom of the sound?


Sound assessment results with dedicated device has the ability to reflect faithfully recreate the sound of the phone . It is possible that the majority of phones today are capable of reproducing sound pretty good , with the rate of unwanted signals ( noise , distortion … ) low . Of course , there are differences between the high -end products and lower product prices .


VSR 2014 is only the first step in the completion of VNReview the assessment procedures smartphone . We continue to study the ways and methods , as well as finding equipment , specialized software to be able to make another review as evaluated based on sound quality speakerphone evaluation software , evaluation camera , connectivity , web surfing … which you can watch in the next rankings .


If you believe the advertising of the manufacturer , or you just believe in his ears , VSR charts in 2014 is still a good reference for your further attention .


VSR 2014: Why HTC charts at the bottom of the sound?


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