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By daisyvo December 23, 2013 2 Comments

Was able to jailbreak all iPhone by Evasi0n life support iOS 7 300x187 Was able to jailbreak all iPhone by Evasi0n life support iOS 7.x

Was able to jailbreak all iPhone by Evasi0n life support iOS 7.x

It was wonderful and full of surprises when the team has recently launched Evad3rs Evasi0n – jailbreak tool for iPhone running iOS 7.x. All devices running iOS 7.x will be supported , if you are in need iOS6 the iOS upgrade to this new version . After the jailbreak , then of course we will have Cydia , but now it is very new so iOS7 tools and software in Cydia are not yet compatible , you need to wait for some more time . If you just try to install the older tool , the ability to hang the apple is very high .


The supported devices are : iPhone 5s , 5c iPhone , iPhone 5 , iPhone 4S , iPhone 4 , iPad 2 , iPad 3 , iPad 4 , iPad Air , iPad mini , mini iPad 2 , iPod touch 5 . OS 7.0 to support iOS 7.0.4 . It can be used to jailbreak Windows or Mac OS computer .


jailbreak all iPhone iOS 7.x by Evasi0n


Download Evasi0n here : evasi0n.com  ( jailbreak tool will be upgraded regularly so should load the original page offline)
The Jailbreak noted before , this note is intended to be convenient for the jailbreak , you can not do well :


  • Always download the latest version at : evasi0n.com
  • Backing up data before performing , make a backup using iTunes
  • If you previously iOS7.x via OTA update to the need to restore the firmware before performing jb
  • Exit iCloud account in the machine
  • Off passwords , fingerprint off


Steps jailbreak ios 7
1. Evasi0n7 Download for Mac OS X / Windows here : evasi0n.com
2. Download iOS7.x for your machine here : link .
3. Backup all data and passwords off , get icloud
4. Plug the device into your computer , run Evasi0n7 and click Jailbreak
5. Evasi0n7 done automatically , you do not need to do anything other than sit and wait
6. Once finished , the machine will automatically restart . On the screen will appear Evasi0n7 icon , click on it , unfortunately continually reboot the machine .
7. Evasi0n7 on the computer to continue until the machine restarted again
8. Done


Hope this help: jailbreak all iPhone by Evasi0n life support iOS 7.x


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