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By ihenry March 20, 2014 1 Comment

After so many rumors leaking, Apple has also launched an iPhone version only 8GB memory 5c at rates higher still iPhone 4S. So, the purpose of Apple when launching an 8GB version of iPhone 5c is, and whether the new version to help change the fate for iPhone 5c or not?


iPhone 5c: An unusual product


If seen from a user perspective , you will hardly be able to understand the pricing policies of Apple products in 2013. Rather than continue to sell the iPhone 5 is beloved , death Apple product line and replace it with an iPhone 5c have identical configurations iPhone 5 but uses plastic shell . 5c iPhone is sold at a price less than 100 USD iPhone 5s – the equivalent price for the iPhone 5 if this product line is not stopped production in 2013 . Not only that , Apple will continue to sell the iPad 2 , which has 3 years of age , with rates up to 400 USD, horizontal mini iPad Retina .


But , if you look grotesque pricing policies of Apple from Apple’s perspective , you will see everything is perfectly reasonable . In the past year , Apple has started having a pretty serious problem : the average price of products sold is reduced by selecting users prefer older model rather than soft costs for new models most . If they continue to sell the iPhone 5 , sales of iPhone 5s ( which have the same design with the iPhone 5 and new hardware feature is not really attractive ) will surely worse affected . By 5c iPhone launch , Apple put the fan in a relatively favorable position for Apple : no one wants to save 100 dollars to buy an iPhone instead 5c ugly for both iPhone 5s gorgeous .


Why Apple to launch 8GB iPhone 5c ?


Referring to cycle launches iPhone and iPad in the fall ( September to November from the scheduled U.S. ) , Apple’s annual revenue will reach its peak in the fourth quarter and then gradually decreased in the first quarter of next year – especially in the context of competitors like Samsung , Sony and HTC used the first half of the year to launch new products top .


Therefore, the launch 8GB version of iPhone cheap 5c , and ” revival ” iPad 4 to replace the iPad 2 ( the equivalent price : 400 USD ) in mid- March is perfectly reasonable to increase sales . Such steps are unprecedented in the history of Apple , but also need to specify that the mobile market is changing very powerful : Sony cuts debuts the first time the table to 6 months , Samsung owns the top two smartphones in five ( S lines and lines of Note) , while almost all other manufacturers are modeled after the top 3 products , mini ( small ) and max ( size large ) . Apple was forced to change its business model to better confront opponents .


Also, the number of components of the iPhone 5c backlog until this point is pretty much , and thus forcing Apple to launch a lower-end version to reduce the amount of residual components .


In China , the iPhone 4S 8GB version is priced 3,300 yuan ( ie, more than 11 million) , while the plastic casing 5c iPhone is much more expensive : about 4100 yuan ($ 14 million) . While the iPhone 4S has advanced glass body design , 3.5 -inch screen of the iPhone generation has become too small for the majority of users . In addition, 8GB version of the iPhone will be 5c also supports 4G LTE smartphone cheapest Apple in the European market and China . That means that 5c 8GB iPhone version will have its own appeal .


Is the 8GB iPhone 5c successful or not ?


After the launch of two new generation iPhone in September , Apple was quick to issue a statement that the total sales of 9 million units of 2 products reached a record high in the history of Apple . However, while Apple did not disclose clearly on each line sales of the new iPhone , the bleak information from the supply chain , the analyst pessimism of investors and especially the feedback from the fans disappointed grave says it all : the majority of the 9 million iPhone 5s , 5c iPhone is also a product failure .


Factors determining the success ( or failure ) of the 8GB iPhone will remain 5c price of the product . In Europe and China , the iPhone will still 5c cheaper 8GB iPhone 16GB 5c a substantial headroom ( the difference depends on the policy of Apple ) , but still be more expensive than the iPhone 4S pretty much . Therefore, if the user has not selected 5c 4S 16GB to replace , if they do not want to buy iPhone 5c to save a bit of money compared to 5s , the difference is only about a few hundred thousand between 2 versions 8GB and 16GB of 5c probably will not help this smartphone comeback success .


Why users should NOT choose the 8GB version of the iPhone 5c


Obviously , the 8GB version of iPhone will 5c is … an iPhone 5c . No one wants to pay ” Apple price ” for a product does not carry plastic shell a bit ” Apple class ” at all . If you do not like the design of the iPhone 5c , the existence of the 8GB version will not bring any difference to you , as well as with other Apple fans .


Why Apple launch iPhone 5c 8GB?


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