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By ihenry March 14, 2014 1 Comment

Steve Jobs once told a story about the first time he has inspired that a computer can do. He said that there was a time when I was small , he was reading a scientific journal article and saw a mention of animals through assessment of how effective their move . At the top of the list is the panther and hawk , and at the end of the table is plucking people – moving pretty slow with the legs . But Jobs realized there are still more in the magazine list , which is to compare the ability of people to enjoy cycling then people will jump to the top. Jobs then young guy suddenly realized the power of the machine , the tool support .


Why Apple seems no longer innovative in about 3 years back?


After that , Jobs also said that the computer is ” bicycle for the mind ” , a tool that helps us work faster and more efficiently than ever before . And if Apple had asked for help somewhat ” bike ” then the answer would probably be record – east and pedals . Here are two points of contact between people and machines .


More than 40 years later , the company that Steve Jobs has become to build technology giant corporations worth up to 470 billion dollars . Apple has achieved this by continually improving ways to help people use computers , by selecting the best technology and perfect them through the design of software and hardware .


In the 1980s , it was the mouse – was invented by PARC and popularized by Apple . Comes with a graphical user interface , it makes your computer go to each family and change the lives of all mankind .


The 2000, which is the clickwheel . The wheel was combined with the simplicity of the iPod software to create a craze in the village of digital music player mobile .


Then came 2007, the iPhone screen appears with great touch . The touch screen of the iPhone any better then any smartphone available on the market , and of course totally remarkable in comparison with the touchscreen being based applications on ATM or kiosk sales . Along with iOS , iPhone has brought a new era into the smartphone smarter and easier to use .


Then in the next 5 years , Apple continues to repeat this process . They have improved the way people interact with machines and between the villages ” virtual assistant ” Siri back in 2011. Siri is designed to help users interact with a simple phone via voice as well as the dialogue is very natural question . Users do not need to remember complex command structure , just tell Siri what they need only.


Why Apple seems no longer innovative in about 3 years back?


However , unlike the mouse , clickwheel or touch capacitive screen – or bicycle pedals . Siri does not work 100 % when the user needs . Indeed , at the Gene Munster , an analyst firm specializing in Pipar Jaffray ‘s Apple , then Siri only works about 79 % of the time people need to ” assistant ” is.


Steven Sinofsky , who is leading the official Windows 7 development at Microsoft , said on his blog that a total UX design principles that are important if you want to give something a feature to users , you must ensure that it runs 100 % . ” If not , the more likely customers will only remember the negative experience of a real feature very sophisticated.” You can imagine that the iPhone would be if the touch screen only run 79 % of the time you need ? Or what if the iPod clickwheel will only run 79 % of the time , 21 % is useless ? No one will buy the iPhone and iPod , and Apple will not be like today.


The reason that many people feel that it seems Apple has stopped innovation since the last time Apple is doing its best – a perfect technology to help people interact with machines – it has failed. Siri is not perfect , not enough quality ” 100 % ” as what iPhone , iPod or bike can do . And this failure occurs only last 2 ½ years ago only. Meanwhile , the last time that large firms are resonated was 7 years ago when the iPhone debuted .


And Siri was introduced on 4/10/2011 , just a day before Steve Jobs died. Perhaps until his death , Jobs will still think Siri is a technological breakthrough like what mouse, clickwheel and capacitive touch screen can do . Therefore he said to the record of his biography that Apple finally succeeded in arrays TV , but the TV apple logo appears is yet perhaps partly because Siri is not really complete good to be able to help users control their television with voice .


The good news for Apple fans , for the company’s shareholders as well as all those who like to ” bike for the mind ” , which is forthcoming it would a new computer be built on a completely new shape as well . IWatch It was rumored for so long .


According to various sources , iWatch will use sensors placed where contact between the user device to measure many different parameters like blood sugar , heart rate and much more . Apple also recently hired Tomlinson Holman audio professionals to develop software and hardware that allows a listening watch blood flow in the human body , which predict when the user will attack heart .


Why Apple seems no longer innovative in about 3 years back?


And if iWatch good operation and 21 % more often than Siri , Apple will once again successful , once again creating ” bike ” lead users to a new era of wearable devices . Meanwhile, the company will be able to compete with Nike , Samsung , Sony , Google and many other companies in a strong wearable array similar to what Apple is doing in the smartphone and tablet markets . Let’s see if we can find a new Apple with strong personalities within this year or not okay .




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