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By ihenry March 18, 2014 1 Comment

The Internet is becoming ever more risky , especially when users increasingly rely on online services , provides a wealth of information as well as personal financial information . According to The Hacker News site , domain name resolution services ( domain name system resolver ) the world ‘s largest Google called Google Public DNS was hacked last weekend .
Information from BGPmon company said that Google’s server address ( ) was controlled in 22 minutes Sunday morning Vietnam time . Resolution of the Google system handles an average of 150 requests a day , so there are about two billion request has been redirected resolution . According to experts , can hackers exploited a security flaw in a protocol of the Internet facility called Border Gateway Protocol ( BGP ) devices made ​​by Brazil and Venezuela infrastructure update misleading and incorrect routing .


Domain name resolution services Google was attacked


The Domain Name System is the phone book for the Internet , allowing users to easily access the server by remembering a short domain name ( for example tinhte.vn ) instead of having to remember the IP address length line ( eg ) . With the global trend to switch to IPv6 , the address of the server longer , the role of resolution services become increasingly important .


BGP attack is a form of attack man -in – the-middle ( MITM ) scale and very difficult to detect . Hackers who acted as the intermediary between users and Google , custom processing before returning the name resolution results . For example, the user typed into the browser address http://facebook.com , the computer sends the domain name resolution request facebook.com , hackers return address of your server instead of the actual address of Facebook , a user enters login information will be stolen hackers .


GBP technique was first attacked two security expert Tony Kapela and Alex Pilosov presented at DEFCON 2008 . This is not the first time Google’s services were attacked in 2010 affected services in Romania and Austria .


Domain name resolution services Google was attacked


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